Payroll Processing

Eslabon offers a world class service Payroll Processing as it allows dedicate to the essence... 


of your business, seeking higher returns in the organization, achieving lower operating costs. 
With our Eslabon system we offer a complete service that provides payroll accuracy, confidentiality and security in their processes, with high technology for the Process and Personal Management. 
You get: 
Payroll Administration:
  • An integral service to comply the contractual obligations.
  • Administration and overall responsibility for the SUA & IDSE (additions, deletions, modifications of wages)
  • Calculation of nominal wages and net amounts
  • Calculation of charges and tax and employer obligations
  • Files generation for bank transfers and cash payments
  • Generation via Eslabon with internet access, the client can perform: 
  • Printing and distribution of payroll receipts 
  • Request employers letters generation for employees
  • Generation of diverse reports
  • Monthly conciliation FONACOT & IMSS
  • Bimonthly INFONAVIT conciliation
  • Annual statement of wages and salaries
  • Ensuring the correct calculation of the IMSS and Infonavit and payment of State contributions
  • As an added value to our services, we offer the Module of: 
  • Information Kiosk
  • Time and Access Control


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