The Eslabon Kiosk is an intranet application that serves the company as a quickly and efficiently form for your employees to consult the relevant information that Eslabon modules can provide them, at the same time, it provides the opportunity throughout the different sections, they can make


requests about managing your payroll information, human resources and time and access, for subsequently be authorized or  canceled (these requests) by an administrator user of that application.

The Eslabon Kiosk also has the capability of dynamic configuration menu (you could, for example, register new pages created by your collaborators team), shortcuts, access permissions and cash flows authorizations of new transactions.



IN HR is about service

The concept of disruption comes from the technology world where change is rapid and ongoing and transforms industries:

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Payroll Processing

Eslabon offers a world class service Payroll Processing as it allows dedicate to the essence... 


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Eslabón's Kiosk

Eslabón's Time and Access