Time and Access

Time and Access is the most advanced module on the market with advanced technology (Web Enable) and operating online since the capture devices of markings untill the autorization and calculation of the causes or effects for the generation of the pre-payroll.



The module eliminates the capture of information related with the employee control attendance, to record and transmit this information automatically to the payroll module of Eslabon or any other system. Additionally, Time and Access counts with the functionality for the access control in the different work areas, by activating doors, lights, turnstiles and other devices for access control.


The recording of the information and the work areas access, is performed through the use of different technologies in the market such as Biometric or credentialing (Barcode, Proximity, Magnetic Stripe).



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Eslabon offers a world class service Payroll Processing as it allows dedicate to the essence... 


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